commercial retractable patio screens

One main activity that epitomizes the city life’s hustle and bustle is outdoor dining. Every major city in the world has a café that allows people to congregate with friends and family over food or beverages of their choice outside on the streets, thanks to outdoor dining.

There’s a distinct charm to sitting outside and enjoying your food while the entire world continues with its activities. In more scenic locations, outdoor dining allows diners to feel at one with nature. A debate continues, but many prefer outdoor dining and the more relaxed atmosphere it provides.

Outdoor dining, however, means that customers are directly exposed to natural elements that may be an issue in an otherwise pleasant gathering. Protecting customers from those problems and ensuring a bustling outdoor scene at their establishment lies with the business owners.

Businesses that have to maintain patios mainly include restaurants, cafes, hotels, casinos, and resorts. All of these businesses encourage their customers to congregate on the patio as it is excellent for business.

However, the changing weather makes keeping the patio running throughout the year challenging. Thankfully, there are now mechanized patio screens that can maintain your patio, no matter the weather. There are plenty of benefits of commercial retractable patio screens and they are an excellent investment for any business that wants to encourage customers to use their patio. If you are looking to get a retractable patio screen for your business, read on to find out five more reasons to convince you.

What is a Commercial Retractable Patio Screen?

A retractable patio screen is basically a high-tech version of an awning. These patio screens are mechanized and can be launched and retracted at the press of a button. However, they provide far more coverage than regular awning shades and can fully cover the outdoor dining area in less-than-ideal weather conditions. Business owners can customize their patio settings according to the day’s weather and never have to give up several tables due to the weather.

Benefits of Commercial Retractable Patio Screens

If the description of patio screens intrigued you, then you should know that there are plenty of reasons you should look into getting these patio screens for your business. To make your life easier, we have listed the five benefits that should encourage you to start contacting businesses such as Panama Shades to get a consultation for your business’ patio:

1. These Screens Keep Bugs Out

One of the major issues with outdoor dining or congregating is the bugs. At best, they can be mildly annoying, and at worst, you can end up swallowing one of the little things with your food. Any restaurant owner knows that a customer getting bugs in the food is a nightmare scenario.

Therefore, it is essential to keep bugs out of the vicinity of the business. Bugs also grow in number, depending on the time of the year. Therefore, these patio screens are excellent for keeping bugs out during the summer and spring seasons. A bug-free outdoor meal is a win for both the customer and the owner.

2. These Patio Screens Increase Foot Traffic

Once the word gets out about your excellent patio screens, your business will soon get more customers as people want to go to a place where they can sit on the patio without being bothered by the weather. The fact that patio screens can be customized to provide the perfect conditions for a customer is likely to attract them even more.

3. Patio Screens Increase Seating Capacity

One of the primary reasons to get these screens is that you will have the desired number of tables available at all times. Your patio will be serviceable throughout the year, and you will no longer have to close outdoor dining at certain times. This ultimately means that patio screens directly affect the business’s profit margins, and installing them is actually an investment for a business. Many businesses lose customers due to long waiting times and restricted seating; these patio screens help resolve that issue.

4. These Screens Provide Privacy

Retractable patio screens can be fully unraveled to completely close off an area. This is excellent for customers who like a bit more privacy rather than being completely out in the open. The fact that these screens can be maneuvered to provide the coverage you want is excellent. If an occasion for full coverage arises, these screens are ideal for fulfilling the customers’ demands.

The best part is that these screens provide full ventilation, so even when they are used to completely cover a place, they do not contribute to almost oppressive weather conditions, and customers can still enjoy the sun and wind.

5. Free Advertisement

These retractable patio screens can be emblazoned with your business’ logo, which can help you stand out as a business and garner more attention from passersby. As they say, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

How Can a Business Get These Patio Screens Installed?

If your business is located in Austin and nearby, you can call Panama Shades, and they will promptly send a team member for a consultation. You will get a quote for free, and if you end up doing business with them, you can rest assured as they provide a ten-year warranty on all the aluminum parts of the screen.

Final Thoughts

Running a business that involves maintaining any patio is no easy feat because it is yet another aspect you must maintain alongside other parts of the business. However, it is also essential because it helps extend the seating capacity and enables the business to fully use its space. It is always tricky because you have to deal with ever-changing weather conditions, and if you are banking on using outdoor seating, it can affect the business’s profit margins.

The many benefits of commercial retractable patio screens eliminate most of these problems and also help attract new customers once the word of your amazing patio screens spreads.