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An outdoor dining area with a beautiful setup attracts customers from all walks of life. No matter where your restaurant is located, as long as it offers an open-air space with permanent or motorized retractable screens, your customers will be happy to dine out. Creating an outdoor dining area with commercial restaurant patio screens Austin is a long-term investment that extends your dining space and protects customers from UV radiation, insects, and bad weather.

The setup sounds amazing for a cool autumn night, but what about other seasons? Well, that’s where retractable patio screens come in handy. It’s a great way to let guests enjoy the sunlight or an intimate dinner under the stars.

Commercial Restaurant Patio Screens

If you have been thinking about expanding your restaurant business without renting another location, you must consider commercial restaurant patio screens. These screens can be used for various businesses as they are not limited to restaurants.

However, restaurants have the advantage to choose between fixed and retractable commercial restaurant patio screens depending on their outdoor area. They are easy to customize and install, making restaurants increase curb appeal.

Reasons to Install Commercial Restaurant Patio Screens Austin

Commercial patio screens are popular for restaurants, cafes, and other dining establishments. The clever structures provide invaluable benefits, and below are the top seven reasons to install commercial patio screens.

1. To Protect Customers from Insects

An outdoor dining area buzzing with mosquitos, flies, and ticks is not an uncommon sight. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons many restaurant owners do not want to use outdoor spaces for dining. The insects can turn a fine day into a miserable one just by crawling and buzzing around the diners. The uncomfortable experience does not bode well for the restaurant’s image either.

Using insect repellents is a temporary solution and often smells weird and can mix with the aroma of food. When you use commercial patio screens to shield your outdoor dining area and offer an indoor-like dining experience, your guests will be comfortable and relaxed.

2. To Merge Indoor and Outdoor Space

To forgo the line between indoor and outdoor space is one of the main reasons to install commercial restaurant patio screens Austin. Without worrying about the creatures crawling, flying, or buzzing around the diners, restaurant owners can create a semi-outdoor dining space. The customers can soak in the beauty of your backyard and venture into the great outdoors without the usual hassles.

3. To Ensure the Financial Stability of Your Business

The past few years of lockdown were a cruel reminder that businesses can close down in days and make no profits for months. Food businesses were hit more than any other commercial service, but the restaurants with open-air settings and patio dining areas were eventually given the green light.

Adding a restaurant patio screen to your location will foolproof your business to ensure financial stability in desperate times. Even if there’s no lockdown, you can expect to have more activity in the outdoor area whenever the weather gets better.

4. To Increase Capacity

If your business does not have as much activity as it used to, maybe it’s time to invest your efforts in an outdoor dining space. A deck or patio dining area can increase activity by 30%, so you’ll see a return on your investment before you know it!

Increasing capacity by introducing a patio dining area is a marketing tactic for your restaurant. People can see the perfectly decorated outdoor space with multiple tables and a commercial patio screen covering the setup. If they are locals, they will be intrigued by the new outlook and visit the restaurant to see what else is new.

5. To Benefit from Sunlight

Soaking in the sunlight is not only beneficial for your mental health but also boosts the Vitamin D supply of your body. Instead of relying on Vitamin D supplements, you can create a relaxing outdoor environment with patio screens to increase your customers’ Vitamin D intake, lower the risk of osteoporosis, and enjoy a hearty meal before returning to normal lives.

Consider your outdoor space a 15-minute to 2-hour retreat for your customers. They can enjoy the sun, eat the food, and leave with a smile.

6. To Reduce Cost of Maintenance

Even when you are not using the patio for outdoor dining space, you need to keep it clean and tidy for an aesthetic look. Some would decorate it using natural elements and light fixtures to attract customers all day long.

However, maintenance can cost you a fortune and time you can spend on better things. When you convert the patio into a dining space covered with a commercial restaurant patio screen, you reduce your to-do list tasks by eliminating the need to remove leaves, debris, and branches every morning before you open for business.

7. To Create an Extra Space for Parties

Renting out space for family gatherings, graduation and birthday parties, anniversaries, etc., is normal for most restaurants. Imagine having a dedicated space for such events and allowing people to host their party. Although open-air events would be interesting, an enclosed patio space will eliminate unwanted guests like insects, bees, etc.

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Installing commercial restaurant patio screens Austin is a cost-saving decision that increases your chances to make more profit with an outdoor setting. At Panama Shades, we offer customizable patio screens and fast installation with a warranty.

We take our commitments seriously from start to finish, ensuring our customers are happy throughout the course of the project. Our motto is to always be upfront about the cost of installation and patio screens. So, no matter the budget, you can freely talk to us about your outdoor space requirements and get a quote to understand how we operate!

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