“What is the cost of retractable screens?” is one of the most frequently asked question by our readers and clients. And that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing in this blog post.

There is no denying that retractable screens for patio are considerably more expensive than ordinary patio screens. However, it is equally important to note that the fruits of your investment will be enjoyed for the years to come.

With retractable screens, you can easily draw them shut to enjoy the summer weather. Especially when crawling and flying insects invade our homes during warmer months. Whereas, during cooler or spring months, the retractable patio screens can be hidden away, enabling you and your loved ones to enjoy uninterrupted views.

Bear in mind, these luxuries cannot be easily provided by fixed screens since they are secured in one place.

Retractable Screens for Patio: Overview

Retractable screens are basically insect screens or shades that can easily be pulled across or down an opening. Unlike fixed screens, these screens can be opened and closed with little to no effort. Best thing about retractable screens? When not in use, they can easily retract back into a slim canister or housing for storage.

In addition, there are different kinds of retractable screens available out there; each type has a unique mechanism for fitting either vertically or horizontally. Moreover, some screens use an accordion style system designed to slide open/close. Meanwhile others use a spring-loaded mechanism which rolls up the screen like roller blinds. Each type comes with its own set of pros and cons. All in all, the kind of retractable screen you select will depend largely on how you intend to use it.

As far as design is concerned, retractable screens generally comprise slim frames, clean lines, and hardware in order to easily blend in with the present surroundings. Pair that with a color of your choice (such as, popular powder coat colors or wood grain finishes) and you’ll have a retractable screen that’s virtually invisible.

These screens are ideal for openings that are hard to screen such as bi fold doors, French doors, serveries, casement windows, stacking doors, double hung windows, and awning windows.

What Is The Cost Of Retractable Screens?

A standard retractable screen can cost anywhere between $800 to $5,000 based on your preference of mesh openings, powder-coating colors, aluminum thickness, panel designs, and hardware finishes. If you decide to fire a professional installer, you’ll also have to pay labor cost ($110 for initial 38 square feet and $2/$3 for every additional square foot).

When it comes to motorized retractable screen, the cost can vary from $3,000 to $9,000 depending on the number of openings you intend to cover. As shared earlier, there are several different types of screens that provide different levels of comfort, privacy, and protection.

In addition, a high-quality installation of retractable screens by the best contractors can add another $175 to $450 to the total bill. The type of screen used and how it needs to be fitted (fixed into wood, stucco, or masonry) will also affect the price. The cost of installing retractable patio screens will also be affected on the size of the area that needs covering.Retractable screens generally come in different sizes to cover patio/winnow openings from under forty inches and go all the way up to ten feet.

Mostly, retractable screens are custom made for individual openings due to size and shape variations. Nonetheless, several manufacturers provide standard shapes that are fitted into most openings.

Keep in mind, high quality retractable screens are made up of durable materials that can last for decades without revealing excessive wear and tear. But in case you select a poor-quality screen, its mesh might get damaged easily. In fact, one tiny rip can render the entire screen useless. So, be sure to make the smart choice from the start and save yourself from extra pocket expenses in the future.

Cost Of Retractable Screens in Different Areas

Below we have outlined the general cost of getting retractable screens in different parts of the country:

  • San Antonia, Texas– Starting from $1,800 up to $21,100
  • San Diego, California– Starting from $2,200 up to $11,100
  • Tampa, Florida– Starting from $430 up to $1,200
  • New York, NY– Starting from $960 up to $5,000
  • Chicago, Illinois– Starting from $800 up to $2,800
  • Atlanta, Georgia– Starting from $1,100 up to $23,000

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Get Started with Panama Shades

To learn exactly how much retractable screens will cost for your patio, doors, and/or windows, it’s ideal to contact a retractable screen installer in your area or reach out to us for a quick quotation for either the supply of sole retractable screens or find get a final quote including installation charges.

Sine you are hunting for the best retractable screens for your patio area, it is imperative that you consider all options available to you. You can select from motorized or fixed retractable screens for the patio. Keep in mind, both options come with their unique set of positives and drawbacks. For instance, retractable screens offer great ventilation since they can be opened/closed as per your needs. On the other hand, fixed screens give a more permanent installation but fail to provide ventilation like retractable screens do.

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