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This depends on your HOA’s bylaws. This document would have been provided to you when your purchased the property or when it was last updated. In it you’ll find details regarding which parts of your yard or home can be changed without requesting permission first. If the HOA board’s approval is necessary we can help you submit the required details when you apply.

Absolutely! We provide upfront and honest pricing as well as free consultations at no cost to you. Simply call or request a quote through our website and we’ll do the rest to provide an accurate estimate for your patio screen.

We offer a 10-year warranty on motors as well as a 10 year pro-rated warranty on all parts and components.

There are certainly limits to where we may be able to install screens, but we frequently enclose patios and have ways of doing do. This is why on-location estimates are crucial to determining the best path toward achieving your vision.

While we may not be able or allowed to work directly with your HOA to get you approved, we can certainly help you attain permission by providing you with references, mockups, and materials to be submitted with your application.

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Each screen is custom made for your home and costs include full professional installation.  They are all made and assembled by hand.  Our product is superior to our competitors and When you compare our products to other companies, you’ll find that our quality stands out. We use the most up to date technology and the most durable materials available.  When you choose a Havana Shade screen, rest assured you are getting the best screen money can buy that will last for years to come.

Our patio screens come in a wide-selection of colors. Keep in mind that these colors may have varying degrees of opacity and effectiveness.

We come equipped with photos and samples to help you (and your HOA) make a decision.

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