how much does a motorized patio screen cost

When you begin to try to find an answer to the question, how much does a motorized screen cost? You will quickly find that the answer is similar to asking how much lumber costs. Part of the answer is, how much lumber do you need?

When you go to sites that supply and install motorized screens, you will notice that most companies only offer quotes. The reason they want to give a quote is that they have some questions first.

For example, what are the dimensions of the areas where you want to install screens? Each motorized screen uses a separate motor. Each motor can add up to two thousand dollars to the final price.

Keep reading, and let’s explore the factors that go into answering how much does a motorized screen cost?

Why Choose a Residential Motorized Screen

While much more expensive, motorized screens offer many advantages over fixed screens. Fixed screens do not open up to the outdoors, and you may not always need protection from the elements and nature.

During bug season, you can keep the residential patio screens down and enjoy the same protection fixed screens provide. When the weather cools off but still feels nice, you can retract the screens and enjoy the fresh air. Furthermore, if the sun is still harsh, you will have a roof over your head for protection.

Windows and fixed screens have columns that limit the view outside. Motorized screens can be as wide as 20 feet without a column. The view outside will not feel limited or obstructed.

In addition to an obstructed view, the screens remove the need for a door. You can raise all the screens, which is the same as removing all the walls. If you have guests, people can freely move in and out on every side.

Why Choose a Commercial Motorized Screen

There are a lot of restaurants with underused outdoor areas because people want to sit inside if the weather is inconvenient in any way. Commercial patio screens can fix many of these problems and encourage people to enjoy their food a bit closer to nature.

Restaurants are an obvious commercial setting, but businesses can let their imaginations run wild to come up with applications. The open floor of a car dealership comes to mind. A retail store can increase floor space and take advantage of nice weather.

Motorized screens for commercial settings also offer free advertising to passersby. If people see patrons enjoying themselves in the comfort of an open area, the curb appeal of a business improves.

The same goes for bad weather, such as rain. People can still sit outside and have protection from the elements while enjoying good aspects such as a gentle breeze.

What Are the Downsides to Motorized Screens?

Without looking at money, there are not many downsides. When shut, motorized screens operate just like fixed screens. As long as you live in an area where screens are safe from home invasion, the benefits are the same.

Talking about the price is all that remains. When asking, how much does a motorized screen cost? The answer is that motorized screens are outside of many people’s budgets. The reason is that the motors are expensive, and each wall (screen) needs a motor. The simplest area consisting of three screens to surround a porch or patio needs the screens and three motors.

There is no scenario where three motors will be cheap unless spending thousands of dollars means nothing to you.

How To Estimate the Cost

If a company is forthcoming when you ask how much does a motorized screen cost, take advantage of all the information you can to do your estimate.

You need to measure the area you intend to screen in. Your measurement must also include the height of your ceiling or how high you want the ceiling to be. The height of the ceiling will determine how long your screens are.

Use a tape measure and record the area’s length, width, and height. Remember to be mindful of how many motors you will need. If you can install one large screen on the front of a patio, say 20 feet wide, that side only needs one motor.

However, if you have an existing structure, like a pillar, that will cause you to have a screen on each side, you may need two screens and two motors to screen one side. Needing an extra motor may considerably increase the final price.

Use any tool available to you, pick an option, plug in your measurements, and get a quote. The quote may not be perfect, but at least you will have an approximation of the money you will need.

There is nothing unusual about average-sized patios costing up to $10,000 or more after all the costs get settled, including installation.


Most of the advice about motorized patio screens comes from various manufacturing companies. Getting advice from people who want to sell you something can be a blessing or a curse.

What is the widest screen you can buy?

Different companies offer various dimensions, but you will usually find that the limit is around 20 feet. If you need to cover a 20-foot space, one screen is ideal because you will only have to buy one motor. The motor is the most expensive part.

How much does one motor cost for a screen?

The motor is usually not a separate cost. Rather, a motorized screen sells as a package deal. However, the motor is the most expensive part when asking the question, how much does a motorized screen cost?

Imagine you need to cover a 16-foot width, and you can buy one screen or two 8-foot screens for an 8-foot height. The 16-foot screen package costs about $2,100. The two 8-foot packages cost about $1,600 each, $3,200 together. The larger screen is $1,100 cheaper because you buy one motor instead of two.

How do I pick a motorized screen company?

Similar to looking for a new home to buy or shopping for a new automobile, get quotes from multiple manufacturers. Find out if the company includes installation or if you need to find a contractor.

You can strike some companies off the list because they are either prohibitively expensive or seem too cheap. Once you have some target companies, look for the best building materials versus the deals and prices offered.