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You spent thousands of dollars on your dream patio. Don’t waste it by spending time inside because the sun is too harsh or insects make your life hell. Motorized outdoor screens Austin can help you make the most of this space and protect your skin.

What Is A Motorized Retractable Screen?

Motorized retractable screens roll up into protective housing. You won’t even know they are there when they are not in use. The best ones can be custom-fitted into entryways, doors, and windows. This includes barely visible housing.

At the click of a button, the screen unrolls and, at full length, acts as a shield and shade. It retracts back into the housing at closing.

Top Benefits of Motorized Retractable Screens

Here are more reasons why getting motorized outdoor screens Austin is a great idea:

1. Reduce Outdoor Temperature

No need for awkward umbrellas. Your motorized outdoor screen will be the perfect shade as you lounge in your patio. Block direct sunlight without struggling with a heavy umbrella.

2. Block Pesky Insects

Nothing is more frustrating than swatting at pesky insects as you try to enjoy a barbecue on your porch or patio. Some, such as mosquitos, carry deadly diseases, while a sting from certain creepy crawlies can cause severe allergic reactions. Keep them away from your food and your family with screens that will roll down without manual intervention.

3. Save Energy

These screens are usually installed on windows attached to your house. Lower them, and you will have less sunlight warming your home and straining your HVAC system. Save hundreds of dollars each year on your electricity bill.

4. Improve Your Home’s Value

These mechanical screens are a bit with home buyers since they offer the same benefits of a permanent screen but with more flexibility. You can receive better offers for your home. Buyers searching for cost and energy-efficient homes may be willing to pay more for a home with this feature.

5. Doesn’t Affect Curb Appeal

Motorized outdoor screens boast a sleek and clean design. These can also be painted to match your home’s color palette. Plus, since these go into the housing when they are retracted, passersby won’t even know it is there. Anytime you show off your home or have guests over, retract the screens and show off your patio in all its glory.

6. Get More Usable Space

Besides protecting you from insects and the elements, these screens will also give you privacy when you are outside. Get a livable space on demand, irrespective of the weather. In a way, the screens can make a temporary extension to your home.

7. Easy To Use

Motorized screens are designed to reduce manual intervention, making them very easy to use. Once installed, you need to push a button to make it retract or lower. Some screens can also lower automatically if it rains, so you don’t have to worry if you are away. Your expensive patio furniture will be safe. Get one with a custom timer so you can program it to lower or retract on its own when needed.

8. Low Maintenance

Traditional static screens cannot be retracted, so they naturally experience a lot of wear and tear. With time, they can get damaged and lose their original luster. You also cannot move them quickly when you want shade. On the other hand, retractable motorized screens can lower and retract at the press of a button, which requires no effort on your part, so they last longer. Most are made from top-quality fabric or vinyl, which doesn’t tear easily.

9. Wide Range of Options

When it comes to motorized outdoor screens Austin, one size doesn’t fit all. You can choose from a range of materials. These include vinyl and fabric, complete with a solar mesh screen that blocks sunlight without blocking airflow. Porch screens are available in several color options as well. You get unobstructed views, remain insect-free, and improve your home’s aesthetics.

What to Look For In Retractable Outdoor Screens

Not all retractable screens are the same. Today, you can get a lot more varieties than standard ones. Many are designed to fit your home’s doors, windows, and other areas. Here are some things you should consider before choosing one:

  • A compact and subtle housing unit and a system that operates without making noise.
  • The panels should retract slowly and smoothly rather than snapping back into the housing.
  • The system should have an insect pile at the top and bottom rails. This will ensure bugs remain out of the handles and make the screen easier to operate.

Imitation motorized screens will do more harm than good. Sure, you can save a few bucks in the beginning. But these will get damaged quickly. Make your home more beautiful, energy-efficient, and safe from the elements with motorized outdoor screens Austin. Say goodbye to heavy and inefficient static options that take ages to pull down, make noise, get stuck, and waste your money and time.

Get the Best Quality Motorized Outdoor Screens from Panama Shades

At Panama Shades, we use a patented system and screen configuration that ensure our screens last for years with little to no maintenance. You can install it and forget it is even there. Our sun shades can withstand up to 75 MPH winds and are not reliant on zipper systems which can get off their tracks when a storm hits. We use top-quality aluminum guides that don’t get easily damaged and thermally bonded screens that re-tension after they take on high-speed winds. Call us today for a consultation and to book a house inspection. You can also send us details via our website to request a quote for a custom job.

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