Wouldn’t it be great to have retractable screens behind your porch that smoothly appear with the touch of a button? Yet, despite how aesthetic it may look, a lot of people tend to be skeptical about patio wind screen retractable. This is because they believe it won’t be as convenient and easy to operate as it seems.

If you have also fantasized about installing retractable wind screens in your patio or any other part of your house but are confused about whether it would be the right decision, read on.

Retractable Wind Screens

As the term suggests, a retractable screen is a device that appears and retracts with the help of a button. There are many advantages of motorized retractable screens, depending on where you install them.

Most people choose to install a retractable screen on their patio. The invisibility allows it to blend with the rest of the surroundings. If you consult a good company, you can get borders made of slim hardware that isn’t too bulky and old-fashioned.

What Are Retractable Wind Screens?

Initially, the retractable screens were mainly used on small vents and windows. These had large wooden or metal wires and had to be manually operated. As things progressed, the retractable screens increased in size. A great example of this is the garage shutter that became increasingly popular.

While most of these retractable screens are still widely used in home designs, technological advancement has led to motorized retractable screens. These do not require any manual labor from the occupants of the house.

Instead, all you need to do is press a button when you want the screen to disappear. It will retract in a few seconds and disappear out of sight. And when you want it to appear, you just have to press the button again.

Following are some reasons you should consider installing a motorized retractable screen on your patio.

Universal Installation

When considering installing a retractable screen in your house, you may be worried about how it would fit in. ‘Is my porch the right size?’ ‘Do I need more space to install a retractable screen?’ ‘Is my interior compatible with motorized retractable screens?’ These are just some of the questions that might be floating around your mind.

To put your worries to rest, retractable screen doors can be installed in any size or shape you want. You don’t have to worry about getting the numbers rights. If you consult a good company like Panama Shades, they’ll create the perfect screens for your patio.


Motorized retractable screen doors are one of the most convenient devices you can add to your house. Instead of having a wall and a small door separating your patio from the interior, the whole partition can be a retractable screen.

Not only would this be more aesthetic than the traditional door, but it will also make things significantly more manageable. In addition, you’ll have a better view from the inside of your house even when the screen is closed.

Bug and Insect Repellant

Sometimes, you just want to leave your patio open to enjoy the weather or view outside. Unfortunately, this also makes way for bugs and insects to enter the house. Instead of filling the interiors with insect-killing sprays, you can install retractable windows.

This will allow you to enjoy the view without worrying about any unwelcomed pests entering your house. And when the risk of insects and bugs is lower, you can simply retract the screen for an even better experience.

Filters Out Harmful UV Ray

When you’re sitting inside your house, you don’t want to be bothered by too much sunlight or the harsh UV rays that might damage your health as well as your furniture. However, glass allows a lot of it to enter the house.

If you install a high-quality retractable screen, it can filter out most of the UV rays and may also reduce the intensity of the heat. However, make sure to discuss this with the manufacturer, as not all retractable screens filter out the harsh UV rays.

Added Security

One of the main reasons people are skeptical about having retractable screens in their houses is because they seem like they can be easily broken. As a result, this may compromise the security of the house. However, that’s far from the case. If you choose the right manufacturer, the retractable screen will have useful safety features.

However, it is important to note that not all retractable screens are made the same. Most do not have the safety features and might not even be made with sturdy materials. This is why it is essential to properly research and find the best manufacturer in your locality.

Makes the Patio More Aesthetic

In addition to being functional and practical, you also want your patio to look good. This is especially true if you spend much time on your patio and host dinners and barbecues. A clear retractable screen can make your patio look even more aesthetic and allow you to be more creative with the decor.

You can also create a theme to match the patio with your interior to give your house a royal feeling. You can choose borders that complement your interior design if you want. There are so many options to choose from, including wood finish, metal, or any color that you want.

Panama Shades

With so many benefits, you might assume that retractable screens will put a massive dent in your pocket. However, retractable screens happen to be very affordable, even with all the customizations and amenities.

In addition to that, a high-quality retractable screen would last you for years to come. Hence, you won’t have to reinvest in it any time soon. If something goes wrong, you can have it repaired at a low price as well.

If you’re looking for a good manufacturer of retractable screens, head over to Panama Shades. Pick your favorite color and design, and leave the rest to us.